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Living In Flow 

Project Type

Logo, Branding,

Content Creation


2022 - 2023


Popoyo, Nicaragua 


Launch day is always filled with anticipation, but for my client, it held an even deeper significance. It coincided with the one-year anniversary of a devastating fire that robbed her of everything, including her beloved cat, Moby. This marked a powerful turning point in Melanie’s life, as she emerged from the ashes and embarked on an extraordinary path in South America. There, she found solace in travel writing, leading retreats, and teaching yoga and hula hooping, forging a new existence and business filled with possibilities.


Recognizing the depth of Melanie’s journey, I approached her branding with meticulous care. The flame, once destructive, transforms into a wave symbolizing resilience and the continuous ebb and flow of life. Additionally, a custom typeface was crafted for “Living in Flow,” capturing the essence of Melanie’s brand identity. Drawing inspiration from her beloved Moby, I curated a color palette to evoke emotional connection and reflection. To provide Melanie with a comprehensive brand package, I equipped her with adaptable social media templates, an extensive range of logo variations, and a flexible color palette. These elements symbolized the diverse avenues and ongoing adventures that define Melanie's transformative journey.


Behind The Scenes


Brand Designer
Kelsey Cowan
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