The Nest by Pampers

The Nest by Pampers is a community space for expecting and new mothers to attend daily workshops on their changing bodies, stay active in yoga classes, and go to community building and networking events. The Nest provides a haven for moms to relax, learn more about pregnancy and encourages motherhood support. 


  • qualitative research

  • brand identity 

  • design concept / programming

  • spatial design

  • user testing

*conceptual project



During pregnancy, many women feel isolated, anxious about their changing bodies, and in general exhausted.


Women crave community and find comfort in knowing they can relate experiences. Pampers currently focuses on babies and has the opportunity to expand their scope.


The Nest by Pampers invites moms to share their experiences in workshops and classes, provides a place for moms to exercise and gives moms the sense of community they were looking for. 



The Nest


Launching in an Atlanta, GA suburb, The Nest has the opportunity to connect working mothers. This space holds workshops and classes that have topics on motherhood for members. The Nest also has active classes where moms can move while learning about their bodies. The Nest provides free child care. Most importantly, this is a space for learning, comfort, productivity and community. 

Because The Nest is housed under the Pampers brand, I wanted to keep the look and feel within Pampers’ design system, but elevate it for mom. With deep greens and golds, the colors give a sense of sophistication. I wanted the brand to feel warm and inviting in both its colors and shapes. 

Design Concept


The Nest is located in the bustling downtown. Decatur, GA. It feels both open and transparent while having rooms just for moms. The space is suppose to be both calm and inviting while productive. There are plenty of areas dedicated to community and support but also places for learning and focus. 




Spatial Design

It was important for The Nest to function as a space for self care, mommy education and community. The first floor has active rooms, a free childcare center, community gathering spaces and a Pampers’ cafe and store for mom’s to pick up Pampers’ products on the go. The second floor is more suited for quiet reflection with classrooms for discussions and support groups, quiet rooms for focus and a library for reading.


Moms are greeted at The Nest by a friendly, warm environment. They will be able to check into the space or classes as they walk in the door.


The Nest provides a common area where moms can connect, wait for their classes to start and house a variety of events like meet and greet parties, panel discussions and more depending on community needs. 


Members have access to daily yoga and movement classes that are good for them and their baby. The classes range from yoga nidra, hatha and yin yoga. This is a space for women to feel strong and care for their bodies. 


The Nest provides free quality child care to all members. It can be stressful for some moms to find and trust babysitters or to be away from their child. We wanted to alleviate that barrier so moms can enjoy this space.


For convenience, The Nest offers Pampers' products for moms to grab on their first floor. They also offer a light cafe for moms to grab coffee, smoothies and juices for their kids. 



The Nest will have daily classes and discussions that will cover a variety of topics such as breastfeeding, finances, balancing life and work, and postpartum depression. These will take places in three classrooms on the top floor. It was important for us to include round tables so that every mom feels comfortable and heard. 


The library space will have books on all topics of motherhood. This area is quiet and a bit further from the kids so that moms can spend time reading and learning in a relaxed environment. 


The Quiet Rooms are a dedicated space for moms to focus and get work done. It's also a place for quiet discussion. 


While all of the The Nest is a space to freely breastfeed, we wanted to recognize that some moms might want privacy to pump or relax in peace. These rooms are attached to the restrooms and will be on both floors.


It was important for The Nest to be a community for mothers both in person and virtually. We created The Nest App for moms to scan into the space, find events, book a class, and connect with other moms through discussion boards.


How This Works


The Nest will offer various packages as well as a drop in rate for specialty classes. It is important for moms to feel empowered and in control when choosing their classes. 


We opted for class packages rather than a monthly membership model due to situations that might arise and cause moms not to get the most from their monthly membership. 

First Specialty Class is free

Drop in rate: $25

5 class package: $100 ($20/class)

10 class package: $190 ($19/class)

20 class package: $360 ($18/class)


Moms don't have time for Self Care

Being a mom can be tough, tiresome and physically and emotionally tolling. Pregnancy can have many highs and lows. While moms are housing these beautiful experiences, they can be a lot of wavering emotions. 


While Pampers has always been a leader for infant and baby care, mom has come second. But, recently that changed. Pampers released a series of ads and chose influencers like Serena Williams and Chrissy Teigen both of whom are working mothers. 


Moms don't have time for Self Care

Moms aren’t always put at the forefront and a lot of moms struggle to support and financially care for their family at the same time. There isn’t room in their schedules and daily lives to practice self care and many moms feel guilty when they do spend time on themselves. Moms are just too busy, which leaves them feeling lonely, under-appreciated and stressed. 65% of moms feel isolated during pregnancy and postpartum.


Talking about pregnancy is taboo


"There are so many things no one tells youI didn’t realize how my body would never “feel” or “look” the exact same again. I didn’t realize it took [a] month for your organs to find their rightful place again either and that was more uncomfortable than I expected.” 


Megan, 26 Mother of one & one more on the way

Without support,  Motherhood can feel isolating 

"I went to all of my doctor appointments alone except one. Those were kinda lonely. Half way through is when their dad and I stopped talking. My parents weren’t quite open to talking about it, and none of my friends had experienced it. So I kinda just lived my normal life as if I wasn’t pregnant and then had them."

Kari, 28 Single Mother of Twins

Pregnancy is stressful

"Overwhelmed by decisions. What carseat to get? When to start saving for college? When to tour childcare center? Will I be able to breastfeed? Will my family be financially stable if I reduce my working hours? It's a lot of pressure to make the right decisions; sometimes I feel like I am making them alone. I'm afraid that I'll make a bad decision."

Sarah, 32, Mother of Three


Why This Works

Desire for community during Motherhood


Moms overwhelmingly feel isolated at various points of their journey through motherhood. Moms want a sense of community with other moms going through the same thing to alleviate isolation. 

Broadens Pampers’ focus to include mom  

Through The Nest by Pampers, Pampers will shift their brand to mean more than diapers. Pampers’s purpose of the development of healthy, happy babies has to begin with focusing on mom.  

Elevates Pampers from product to greater good

Pampers will be seen as a resource throughout motherhood for moms, which will bolster brand love because two-thirds of consumers now buy based on a brand’s values (Edelman, 2019).

My Reflection

As a single woman with no children of my own, I approached this process with mindfulness and empathy. I spoke with many women who described their experiences and found that through their hardships, they remained tough and fearless. I realized what they needed most during this pregnancy process were support groups and connections. This was crucial.


On the business side, it’s important for brands to consider new possibilities for growth. A really good way to do that is through product or brand innovation. There are few resources dedicated solely for moms and with Pampers's recent initiatives, we felt they would be the perfect brand to lead this. 

When thinking about the space and its programming, I pulled what I knew from having worked at an architecture firm. I knew that a building is built from the inside out. This meant always putting mom and community at the center of everything we did.